The Stationery Sessions

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Ready to make a living, doing what you love?

// Want to turn your hobby into a business?

// Love designing stationery, but don't know how to create a business doing it?

// Tentatively set up your own stationery studio but don't know where to start?

The Stationery Sessions are exactly what you need, right where you need it.

Get ready for a top to bottom blueprint for setting up your own, successful, stationery company.


I think one of the biggest things that you get from this is a sense that you aren't on your own and that other people are just like you in your journey. I can imagine that it can be a lonely place but everyone is so lovely, you feel part of a community.

It has accelerated my understanding of what I need to do to run my business. It would have taken me years to find out a lot of what this has taught me

I really love the community feel of this course, and the openness to be able to ask any questions. It feels personal and inclusive, rather than a one-way communicative course, and I think that's really important

I always though some things in the back of my mind, but...working on these sheets brought stuff I'd never thought deeply about and opened up a whole new doorway to my business. I feel certain and confident now because I know exactly what my business is for and why! 

It's given me a focus on what's required for a real business and an idea of what I need to get there. With no business in place it’s really made me think seriously about the finer details that I hadn't thought of before.

A Course, A Community + Live Sessions

A self paced course, a community of like-minded creatives and live sessions with experts ready to answer all your burning questions.

Using a combination of 14 years of corporate business experience, my love of processes and systems, and the last five years of building my own multiple successful stationery businesses; join me while I teach you everything you need to know.

A safe space, filled with your peers, all of who are on the same journey. Together, we are always stronger. 

Live Q&A's, catch ups and group sessions, plus experts in their fields ready to expand your knowledge.

The Course


The Community

The Sessions