How much do The Stationery Sessions cost?

 The Stationery Sessions cost £360, inclusive of VAT. This includes the full course, all worksheets and downloads, group membership. weekly live Q&A sessions with Zoe for any help or questions and access to all past and future expert sessions.


Can I pay in installments?

Yes - you can choose to pay up to six instalments via direct debit ( we use GoCardless for this). 


When does the course start?

The course will start November 7th. The course is self paced, and you'll be able to access it whenever you like, however many times you like.


How long will The Course take?

The Course is self paced - so this can be done in one go, or at your own speed.

I am 'xxx', is this course right for me?

If you design (or want to design) stationery or work with paper to sell to people, then this course is perfect for you.

This course is designed for both people who already own a stationery-based business, or for those who want to set one up.

You don't need to be up and running yet, or you could have been running as a small side-gig for a couple of years and want to up your game. There's no 'right' place in your journey - but as long as you want to know how to run a business, find clients and learn more, then this is for you.

The course is designed to work both for people who want to sell directly to customers via an ecommerce store, or design bespoke work, such as a wedding stationer or calligrapher. Whether you work directly with your clients or not. 


Do I need tools or equipment

Just a way to access the online content, a pen and paper will always come in handy too. 


What will be taught in The Course?

You can find an overview of the course outline below:

1. Business Foundations: Including the all important finding your niche, ideal clients and core values. Worksheets to help you nail all of this. 

2. Business Basics: Setting up for success 101. Setting up from scratch, everything you need to ensure your business is ready to go. Including registering, tax, accounts, setting up websites and emails and creating your socials.

3. Products and Pricing:  Working through your customer journey and ensuring your products and pricing all align. Including a spreadsheet to help you price like the boss that you are.

4. Production and Printing: How to set up for print, including foil. A series of talks with a printer showing exactly what they need from you. My ultimate suppliers list. Every tried and tested and recommended supplier that I personally use, from printers through to packaging and everything else along the way. This list is priceless - and for your eyes only!

5. Marketing your business: Socials and real life

6. Trello and your process: Using Trello to create the best client journey and be the most organised business owner you can be. Worth £200, This is a pre-recorded version of my Trello 121, where I show you exactly how I work with all of my bespoke clients. 

7. T&C'sWhy you need to know your T&C's and tips on things that are vital to include to avoid big mistakes. 

8. Photography: Getting the best photos and flat-lays and how to edit them


Who are the experts?

You'll be able to instantly access over 50 hours of talks from expert sessions which include talks from:

GFSmith, FoilCo,  Peggy & Kate - illustrator , Propose PR - PR Expert, The Wedding Enthusiast - copywriter, Rachel Emma Waring - Pinterest Expert, Rose Press - letterpress printers, Andri Benson - styled shoots, Oh Wonder Calligraphy - running a calligraphy business, Letters By Julia - lettering and licensing, IP Law and copyright, Accounting 101 - and many more. 

You'll also be able to access our inspirational business series, open and honest interviews with some of the best in the business including- Lucy Ledger, The Completist, Meticulous Ink, Katie Leamon, Cutture and Harriet DeWinton. 


When will you be running The Course again.

Doors open October 31st 2022