Is the course for me?

The number one query when I open the doors to The Stationery Sessions is a variation on 'Is this right for me?'. So I thought I'd run you through the type of members we already have (and those that we don't!) so you can decide for yourself!

Do I need to make wedding stationery?

In short, absolutely not. While my career started at The Golden Letter, in the last 7 years, if it's made of paper I've worked with it! My focus is now very much on Pretty Post where I make all things stationery.

I very much am of the opinion that if you create something with paper, then it's perfect for you.

There are currently just under 200 members of The Stationery Sessions. 50% of the members call themselves 'stationery designers', 25% 'wedding stationers' and the other members fall under greetings card designers, illustrators, artists, calligraphers, and businesses that wanted to add a paper arm to their business (we have quite a few wedding planners for example).

Whether you make invitations, prints, create chalkboard signs, want to print your own notebook range - I've got you covered!

My business is new / My business has been running for a year / I have a hobby and I don't know how to do something with it?

Let's start from the bottom up. I have built the course to guide you from hobby / idea / established business - and to revisit some key foundations so that wherever you are in your business, the course and community will be helpful for you.

Historically, each time I open the doors there is a 50/50 split between those who are right at the beginning and those who have a year or two under their belt.

I also love to ask for feedback. I make it anonymous so that people can be as honest as they like, which means I get to make the improvements you ask for. Below I'm sharing with you a selection of what people found the most useful. 

(if you'd like some non-anonymous feedback - you can find plenty on instagram!) 

"making my systems and 'brand' more streamlined and professional seeming! It's also nice to feel part of something when you work by yourself most of the time!"

"Understanding the fundamentals of setting up a business - I don't have my own business yet so it's been really useful to learn about all of the different things to think about when starting one. I also love the list of suppliers!"

"Giving me a focus on what's required for a real business and an idea of what I need to get there. With no business in place it’s really made me think seriously about the finer details that I had t thought of before. Also love Trello and how it should help with the organisation side"

"It has accelerated my understanding of what I need to do to run my business. It would have taken me years to find out a lot of what this has taught me"

"I think one of the biggest things that you get from this is a sense that you aren't on your own and that other people are just like you in your journey. I can imagine that it can be a lonely place but everyone is so lovely, you feel part of a community. I have LOVED the expert sessions and would pay a yearly fee to keep having access to people giving talks & Q&A's. The advice you have given us is invaluable to be honest. I work full time so I only managed to get to some of the live sessions and Q&A's but having the catchup feature is great."

What if I create my stationery digitally?

As long as there is paper involved somewhere in the process then the course is for you.

If you're angling to be the next paperless post, then a lot of the course will still be incredibly useful, but there will be some parts that are less useful (mostly the printing parts!!).

I'm not based in the UK, will it still be useful?

We have quite a few members in the EU and a few from the US too. While there are some parts of the course that are UK specific - mostly relating to business basics/tax and my supplier list is entirely UK based, the rest of the course is applicable wherever you live!