Q&A - What's included in The Stationery Sessions

As it comes around to the doors opening there are always lots of questions because joining a course is always a big decision. So I'm bringing you an email series with FAQ's and answers to digest and decide if joining is right for you.

First things first - I am definitely not your standard 'course'. I didn't join a course on how to make courses (yes, this is an actual thing...) - The Stationery Sessions was born out of my love of sharing information in a simple way. It's rough and ready. There's no 'hook' I will always continue to share small business info, with zero catch over at @thegoldletter and @weareprettypost - but if you want more (and me in your pocket to answer all the questions you will ever have) TSS is literally filled with everything I know, in a fully digestible format.

Secondly, I like to give you all the information. Starting with What will be taught in the course? 

The course is made of 8 chapters. These are all pre-recorded so you can watch them when you are ready. While they will be released one per week for eight weeks, the course is there forever. 

You can either start at the beginning OR wait and start when you're ready. 

A run down of the chapters is below for you. Alongside the course chapters there is also 50 hours worth of expert sessions and Q&A sessions that are ready for you to watch.


1. Business Foundations: Including the all important finding your niche, ideal clients and core values. Worksheets to help you nail all of this.

2. Business Basics: Setting up for success 101. Setting up from scratch, everything you need to ensure your business is ready to go. Including registering, tax, accounts, setting up websites and emails and creating your socials.

3. Products and Pricing:  Working through your customer journey and ensuring your products and pricing all align. Including a spreadsheet to help you price like the boss that you are.

4. Production and Printing: How to set up for print, including foil. A series of talks with a printer showing exactly what they need from you. My ultimate suppliers list. Every tried and tested and recommended supplier that I personally use, from printers through to packaging and everything else along the way. This list is priceless - and for your eyes only!

5. Marketing your business: Socials and real life

6. Trello and your process: Using Trello to create the best client journey and be the most organised business owner you can be. Worth £200, This is a pre-recorded version of my Trello 121, where I show you exactly how I work with all of my bespoke clients.

7. T&C's: Why you need to know your T&C's and tips on things that are vital to include to avoid big mistakes.

8. Photography: Getting the best photos and flat-lays and how to edit them


GFSmith, FoilCo,  Peggy & Kate - illustrator , Propose PR - PR Expert, The Wedding Enthusiast - copywriter, Rachel Emma Waring - Pinterest Expert, Rose Press - letterpress printers, Andri Benson - styled shoots, Oh Wonder Calligraphy - running a calligraphy business, Letters By Julia - lettering and licensing, IP Law and copyright, Accounting 101 - and many more.

You'll also be able to access our inspirational business series, open and honest interviews with some of the best in the business including- Lucy Ledger, The Completist, Meticulous Ink, Katie Leamon, Cutture and Harriet DeWinton.

 The course and expert sessions are the foundation of The Stationery Sessions - but the value 100% comes from our facebook community.

Now - I know that Facebook isn't for everyone, but this is a well established group with a HUGE mine of information to work through and search if you have questions.

I am always available in the Facebook group - along with over 180 stationery designers who have already taken the course and are running their businesses, and are full of information they also are happy to share.  Community over Competition is the backbone of The Stationery Sessions. 

There are also live sessions every other week. These are there so we can talk in depth about anything and everything in depth. These are a combination of group mentoring sessions and Q&A sessions, and alongside being helpful they can be hugely inspiring.

All of this is included, forever. No monthly or yearly subscriptions - once you're in, you're in.