Who teaches the Sessions?

I mean, it's the big question, right? Who am I - and why exactly should you listen to me?? Some of you might have been around for a while, in which case HELLO I LOVE YOU - but I know there a fair few new faces around here who might have been recommended the course or found me via a cleverly targeted advert. So, this email is everything you ever need to know about me and why on earth I can teach you anything.

So, Hi, I'm Zoe!

If you can't be bothered to read about me - you can find a bunch of stuff about me online - you can listen to me ramble on about business  here  (it's a good flavour of what you can expect from TSS).

You can also read an article about me in  The Times which touches a bit more on my story and business growth.

I'm not going to bore you with my whole story because who actually has time for that - but let me bring you the salient points:

1. I've grown two, multi award winning, successful stationery businesses. One of these is a calligraphy and wedding stationery business (@thegoldletter), and the other is a general stationery business (@weareprettypost).

2. I've been a full time stationery designer just over seven years, and there are another two part time years on top of this. Plus the two years of dipping my toe in first. Overall lets call it an even 9??

3. I'm a single parent. This is an important fact because being a stationery designer is my sole income. I won't lie, I work hard, I run three businesses - but bringing in a real income from stationery is possible, and I can show you how.

4. In my past life I was a corporate PA and office manager. While I didn't light me up inside, it means I can make a ninja spreadsheet and run a tight ship!

5. I'm a self taught designer. It's okay if you don't have a creative background!

And the Stationery Sessions?

For a very long time, my instagram account for The Golden Letter has been about the behind the scenes of growing a business. I have always shared huge amount of information - for free - and will continue to do so.

This grew in to me teaching 121 sessions for Trello - specifically made for stationery designers to get them organised, and this evolved into mentoring new stationers. Hour long sessions where we would tackle problems and talk through strategies for growing their business. This in turn evolved into a course that a people kept asking me for! It's everything I wish I'd had in the first few years of business.

I LOVE helping people. There is honestly nothing i love more than consuming information, simplifying it, and then using it to help others succeed, its my superpower.

I recently took the ''sparketype test'' (this is fun if you want to take it too!) and I am The Sage. I've never read anything more accurate in my entire life. They are described as "the person who is driven to teach and share wisdom" - and that is me!

Tell me more!

Well, other things you need to know about me are that I'm always open and honest. I am WAY more interested in giving you as much information as possible rather than making sure its shiny and polished.

I've added a few links below to some posts that will give you a bit more flavour as to who I am.

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